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I’m a sensualist, a divine curator, a loving supporter… and a damn good time. I enjoy nonjudgemental exploration, sensational transformation, loving kindness, and compassionate fun. Closeness and friendship and authentic connection, yes!


If you like, we can simply get lost in each other for a little while. Or if you like, I can help you expand into who you know you could be, explore new territory, and feel what’s only been a dream.


I am a professional counselor, massage therapist, and educator. In college I studied psychology and relationships. I’ve taught on these topics at conferences and universities across the globe.


Clear communication, emotional honesty, and deep respect for each other make for the best connection. I know these encounters lead to wonderful and satisfying relationships.


When you email, expect an autoresponse with a link to my website and screening form. Please fill that out asap and then I’ll respond so we can plan a time to meet. Thank you!


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