Cayce Marlowe

Cayce Marlowe


At the core of my endeavors is a simple goal: to bring beauty into the world.

A well-practiced Bach partita, a cleverly-arranged bouquet of flowers, a thoughtful turn of the heel. A lithe body, stretched out and expectant.

You might find me sketching in the corner of a rooftop bar one night, glancing up to capture your visage. Brushing past you downtown, sly half-smile and warm amber eyes meeting yours a second too long.

I’m a classically trained musician, artist, and architect. My tastes lie in the unconscionably beautiful and absurd. I adore the feel of smooth poured concrete, the sound of strings tuning before a performance, and a glass of rye, neat.

I’m doe-eyed yet wicked, sweet and delightfully clever.

I laugh, often. I eat most everything. I like to break the rules. I seek out experiences that inspire feeling, deeply.

I want to meet you.

1 hour – $600
1.5 hour – $900
2 hours – $1200
3 hours – $1600
4 hours – $2000

(References or work verification required.)


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