Devorah Reine

Devorah Reine


You’ve been seeking a magical muse who ignites a unique kind of desire within you- an out of the ordinary creature with a creative and open mind to mirror your own.

I’m looking for an adventurous comrade, and perhaps that is you. We might inhabit such different spheres in this chaotic world- let’s not miss our chance for them to collide.


I contain multitudes- too much to detail here, so I encourage you to visit my Twitter @devorahreine for more visuals and to learn more about me. Whether it’s a classic or kink experience you desire, consider me your babe.

When you are ready to connect, email me at the automated response address above to be directed to my contact form. Once you submit the completed form, I will respond back from my primary email address so we can begin planning our time together.

1 hour – $800

2 hour – $1300

3 hour – $1600

4 hour – $2000 (dinner) / $2300 (let’s stay in)

6 hour – $3000

16 hour – $4500 (overnight)


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