Rhea Mayari

Rhea Mayari

Email: rheamayari@protonmail.com

Here you are… and I wonder are we looking for the same thing? A respite from the monotony of daily life… A space in time where we can just be… with no judgements, just acceptance and the willingness to understand… our curiosities intertwined.

The possibilities are as vast as the ocean and the sky, full of wonder and excitement waiting to be discovered. You will be pleased to find that underneath my calm facade is a soul who craves connection and I truly believe in making the most of this journey while being a source of positive and liberating energy to those I encounter in this world.

I invite you to dig a little deeper and get to know me a bit more by dropping me a note. I’ll point you to the right direction if you wish to embark upon an adventure with me. Take the time to remind yourself that we only live once and when a rare opportunity comes around, you wouldn’t want to miss that chance 🙂


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