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Don’t have the time to keep a regular girlfriend, yet sometimes you need to bring one to occasions such as family event, friends’ wedding or business dinner? Don’t you feel proud to have an elegant lady with both beauty and brain by your side when you are in public? The reality is, there is no ‘Uber Black’ in the dating world. You need to invest time, feeling, energy and capital to maintain a close relationship. Hmm…

Here is the solution — invite an elegant and well-educated lady when you are in need. She will add value to your social image with her well-rounded knowledge, witty conversations, education from a top-notch college, sophistication and a beautiful look and heart.

Leave other things to imagination. Whatever you do with her is strictly legitimate, but definitely beyond fun and adventurous. Ways to spend time include: personal events (dinner date, movies, hiking, short vacation, tour, quiet time, etc.), business occasions (business luncheon, dinner meeting, conference, balls, ceremony etc.), family/friends gatherings (wedding, visiting parents, friends hangout, etc.). There are many possibilities in life. As long as we bring good faith, common sense and trust, dreams can be turned into reality.

Compensation for her time (and time only):
320/hour, 600/2hr, 850/3hr, 1000/4hr (perfect for dinner date or half day event), 2000 (overnight rendezvous), 3000 (whole day event, about 16 hours)

In your initial contact, whether it is by phone, text or email, please include your full name and a brief introduction of yourself, your phone number, the event, time/duration and location. Thanks!

Let’s make your dreams come true!

Yours truly,


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